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      I couldn't find anything on this, so hopefully someone might be able to elaborate a bit.  First my configuration: I have the Timefactor in my FX loop of my 5150 III amp with the Factor set to Line for both in and out running in mono.  Kill/Dry is off too.  

      Now for what might be a problem:

      Lets say I create a Digital Delay with my Delay mix set for 50% A+B so I have equal contribution from both delays.  We'll say I have my delay times for both  A and B set for 400ms with maybe 10% feedback on both A and B to allow for only one repeat.  With this example, all works fine.  However, using the same above-mentioned settings, if I increase the Feedback of A and B for multiple repeats (say 40% or higher for both A and B) the Timefactor only sounds every other repeat or so.  It's almost like the twin delays cancel each other's feedback/repeats out.  To correct this, I'll turn Delay B to 0ms, Delay B Feedback to 0, and the Delay Mix the whole way left to Delay A only–then I hear all the repeats that I should hear for the delay setting.

      Is this the normal and expected behavior for my configuration, or is there possibly a problem with my Timefactor?

      Thanks very much in advance!

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