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      I love the functionality of the H9 but was wondering if a couple of things are (or could be made) possible.

      1. I made my own 3 button switch using soft touch momentary switches which works fine. I see with the latest H9 control firmware there are now offers assignement options for momentary as well as normal when choosing what to assign the ring, tip ect to. Is it possible to have 2 different functions from the same switch depending on whether you press it or hold it? (ie, you could assign the tip to call up the tuner when held for a second or two but also assign the tip the be tap tempo the rest of the time when it it is pressed quickly and not held.) If this isn’t yet possible but could be made possible this would increase the functionality a lot for me.

      2. Could it be made possible in the H9 control app to assign each of the three aux buttons to call up various different presets like you would with midi programme changes? That would be awesome and would potentially save a lot of money and hassle compared to using a midi switcher since I only generally use 3 or 4 seperate sounds out of my H9 for each gig.

      Thanks again Eventide for such a great product and your great customer service and after sales follow up. 🙂

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      Well, currently you can't do either of those things with an aux switch, but we'll add those feature requests to the wish list we maintain for the H9.

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