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      Just thought I would share a few work arounds for the install of Windows Vista to H9 Max. 


      Work around for H9 control 5.4.0

      1. To get the upgrade to H9 control 5.4.0  I was having difficulties trying to use the usb port so a work around for me was to switch the H9 over to a midi sport and use midi to update which worked well.

      Prior to the update I cleared out my verision by selecting right button + Hotknob on the H9 unit while powering up until I saw CLEAR on the screen


      Workaround for H9Control274WIN

      2. To get the lastest H9Control274WIN to work I had to move the current H9 Control app in C:Program FilesEventideH9 Control and run the H9Control274WIN exe in order to get pass the upacking section to create the new H9 control application



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