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      Hi there, new to the forum (and the H9)! Loving the pedal so far, but I had an issue with my first purchase. No problems using the coupon fro Blackhole, but when I tried to buy the Harpeggiator, it never downloaded. I was charged by Itunes (receipt received) but it never showed up. I tried restore purchases but that did not do it either. My username is Tremayne007 and I sent en e-mail to support with that and my receipt number and order ID. Hoping someone on your end can help. Thanks 

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      Hi, we had an unusual problem pop up on early Friday morning with our server validating receipts with Apple.  The part of the system that validates those receipts suddenly stopped being able to connect to Apple anymore, even though that part of the system hadn't been changed in over a year. We think we've figured out what the problem was and have fixed it after a few false leads over the weekend.  But in any case someone from support will contact you later today with instructions on how to get your Harpeggiator purchase.  Sorry for the inconvenience.

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      Excellent, thanks for the assistance. I will keep an eye out for the e-mail.  

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