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      Hello all….

       I just got my ModFactor. I'm likin' it so far. Still getting the hang of it, but liking it. 

      So here's my first issue:

       I have my ModFactor going stereo into my TimeFactor. Then, the TimeFactor is going into two amps(Fender Twin Amp/Fender Super Sonic). When I choose RingMod on the MF and Looper on the TF, I loose all audio output except for a faint, faint, faint DRY guitar signal when I playback my recorded loop. If I unplug one connector, whether it is an input from the TF or an output from the MF, the Ringmod will record. Wierder than that is it SOUNDS fine! It just doesn't playback the RingMod effect when recorded in stereo.

      Other effects work just fine.


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      I'm looking at this scenario and you're right. It has to do with the way Ringmod stereoizes a mono source. A workaround, like you mentioned, is only using one input on the looper when recording Ringmod. I'm looking into this further.


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