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      I'm connecting my Timefactor to my PC with an M-Audio Uno 1in/1out MIDI to USB adaptor, but the MIDI IN and OUT cables won't connect securely to the Timefactor.  It's as if the TF's MIDI jacks are too recessed into the unit, and the Uno's MIDI connectors can't be pushed in far enough to make a secure connection.  The plastic ridges on the connectors keep them from going in further, and the slightest touch will allow the cable to wiggle out of the jack.

      I use the Uno to connect to other midi devices (synths, Digitech Whammy, etc.) with no issues at all — nice secure connections on everything except the Timefactor.  I bought the TF new a few months back, and have never touched the MIDI jacks before, let alone push them in somehow…

      Anyone have any input or advice on this?  Without a secure MIDI connection, this pedal is useless to me.  Thanks.

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      You could also buy other MIDI cables which don't have the plastic around the ends.

      At least i have some MIDI cables at home which only have the plugs on each end without the plastic around it.

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