Issues with setting up my board – A/B switching sets expression parameters to zero

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      So – have been settting up my new Gig Rig Pro 14 (full midi) board and here's my current situation.

      I am going to be running both my Timefactor and Modfactor on this board.  The new bypass via Midi Program Change feature will allow me to put both units on the same loop in the Gig Rig and bypass either unit via the GR's program change messages (thanks Eventide – you gave me an extra loop with this feature!)

      Also the new features allowing the Midi Clock out and in have been great for setting up tap tempo control for both units.

      Now – since the GR has only one Midi out port, I am sending that to the Timefactor – then using Midi Thru to send the same message to the Modfactor.  I have recently posted questions and thanks to wedelich for the very detailed answer on setting up one expression pedal to control both untis via Midi….HOWEVER…since I am using Midi Thru to transmit messages to the Modfactor – I can't also have the Midi output set to XMT to transmit the expression pedal control.

      So – I went back to the A/B switch idea HOWEVER – when I use an A/B box to select which unit the expression pedal is routed to – it sets the parameters controlled by the expression pedal to 0 for the unit I'm switching from.  So, for example, if I'm using the expression pedal to control the MF – then hit the A/B switch to move control over to the TF – the parameters i was controlling on the MF automatically reset to zero.

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      Well, that makes sense. An expression pedal is basically a volume pedal, and when it's in heel position, no signal is going through. This is what the Factor reads. When you hit the A/B switch, you are effectively doing the same thing as setting the pedal to heel, in an electrical sense. I don't see much of a way around this.

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      I'm just going to use a Y cable to send the expression output to both pedals.  This will yield the same end result as sending via Midi anyway.

      I'm also observing that controlling the tempo of the MF via the Midi clock of the TF results in some lagging and the MF has to "catch up".

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      Hi Cacibi,

      The eventides work really well with one Exp pedal per unit, connected to the footswitch outlet in the back of each unit – an Ernie Ball ideally.

      All best,


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