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      I haven't loaded up a song that has some instances of blackhole (again, not what you think) for a couple of weeks and, even though I have an authenticated iLok license, I get a message while Cubase is loading that I only have x days of this Blackhole demo left.

      I assume this is another bug in the software. Eventide have me over a barrel – they make beautiful sounding plugins that are plagued by bugs. Do i keep using them or do I ditch them? My answer is I keep using them. From what I gather, there is a relatively small team working on the software so I'm happy to cut them a bit of slack while they sort things out.

      I am confident they will get on top of the issues with the native plugs – they just need a bit of time. The quality of the sound is worth the wait.

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      Eventide Staff

      Hi Mudrecords,

      The expiration warning is about the beta plug-in expiring.  If you haven't already, you should download the latest installer from here:

      Sorry about the confusing error message.


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