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      Just seen Jon Hassell in Sydney Australia and what an amazing performance. Fantastic trumpet sound with added fx from his on stage H8000. cheers

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       Jon and Peter Freeman do wonders with 2 H8000Fw in this band!

      Check Hassell's latest CD on ECM Records:

      "Last Night The Moon Came Dropping Its Clothes In The Street"

      …with another Eventide long time master, Eiving Aarset (gtr).



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      Yep agree, Last Night the Moon…….. is a fantastic record (as is his whole catalogue). He played some tracks of that album. The cool thing was that that the band seemed to be taking live samples / loops and then improvising new music over the top – brilliant. Jon seemed to have a MIDI Foot-controller connected to the H8000FW. After the gig some of us briefly had a chance to speak with him (not about Eventides however !) – and what nice humble man he is.

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