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      I rarely do something like this, but I must praise the H9. I own it for more than a year now.

      If there would be a price for the most innovative high quality thoughtfull gear of the last years, the H9 would win it!

      I love using the iOS-app to change the parameters. If it would be just a foot-pedal, I would have had a hard time using it and a hard time understanding how the algorithms work. The manuals and explanations given within the app are just right. Not too simple, not too complicated. Most of the time I just find what I’m looking for within seconds and without being distracted from making music.

      I was a bit critical about the new Crushstation algorithm, ’cause the H9 is digital. And distortion and overdrive isn’t exactly what Eventide is famous for. But – at least on bass – this algorithm is very very good.


      Big kudos for the guys and girls who created the H9 at Eventide!!!








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      Eventide Staff

      Thank you for taking the time to share your thoughts. We really appreciate it!

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