“KB0-KB9 are patched to C22-C29.”

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      I think I’ve found a potential source of confusion in the current H9 User Guide, Rev 21. It confused me, anyway.

      On page 37, it says that “KB0-KB9 are patched to C22-C29”. 

      That’s ten Parameter virtual KnoBs but only eight C# assignments? But I see in H9 Control that the default patches actually do go from C22-C31.


      C22 – KB0

      C23 – KB1

      C24 – KB2

      C25 – KB3

      C26 – KB4

      C27 – KB5

      C28 – KB6 

      C29 – KB7

      C30- KB8

      C31 – KB9



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      To add something else to watch for:  I believe that Input Volume defaults to CC32.  Some devices send that as the LSB Bank Select, and that can cause some difficult-to-diagnose problems.

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