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      I have three H9s I am using with my amp in the effects loop. I am using an RJM RG-16 and a mini line mixer, so I can run the boxes in parallel. I am using kill dry on the H9s. My question is how using kill dry changes the function of the mix knob  in effects and the output slider. If I turn up the mix knob in the spring reverb algorithm, for example, it sounds like what you would expect, the signal gets wetter. I am assuming what happens is mix knob is actually increasing the intensity of the effect, which has the same effect as mixing in more of the reverb against the dry signal. Similarly, when I increase the output slider, the sound gets louder but also wetter. I am assuming what is happening is that I am increasing the volume of the reverb signal against the dry signal, which sounds like the reverb is getting wetter.

      As I said, I am just tryiing to understand how using kill dry effects the function of the various parameters in the presets/algorithms.


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      Eventide Staff

      I'm not sure that I understand your question, but one way to look at it is that with killdry on, the mix knob changes to an effect level knob.

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      I just want to know with kill dry on, how does the function of the knobs change. You answered one: the mix knob becomes an instensity function. I am assuming the output knob simply increases the level of the wet signal. If I am running the box in a parallel effects loop, then increasing the level of the output would add more effect to the dry signal. 

      In the end, but knobs would do the same thing: increase the intensity of the effect, but one would do it without increase the output level.

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