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      I am running the H90 through my Boss ES8 loop switcher in loop 7 with stereo. I am using 3 amps in a Wet Dry Wet configuration. The H90 is routed to only the wet amps. How do I utilize or engage Kill Dry on the H90? I keep hearing about it but I do not see any step by step directions on how to activate kill dry on H90 so the signal coming from it to my amps is purely wet. Thanks!

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      Eventide Staff

      Kill Dry can be applied on a global level. For this, go into the System Menu > Global > second page – set Kill Dry to ON.

      or, Kill Dry can be applied on a Program level. Each individual Preset can have Kill Dry enabled. Press the Parameters button, and on the last page of parameters for each preset you’ll find a kill dry option. You have the choice of it following the global setting we just talked about or you can force it to On or Off depending on the program.

Viewing 1 reply thread
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