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       Hello all

      this is the often perplexed Konstantine….I have recently discovered parellel loops on my amp and kill dry bypass on the stompboxes and how much nicer the sound is.  I love the sound with the TF and MF in killdry but I find that when I do not want to use a pedal the mute button takes me out of the signal path to the amp when I klik off a bank switch.

      I have the classic TF/MF loop with a George L linking the two stompboxes.  Now I use the TF more than the MF and I am thinking that maybe I should assign the bypass type to an Aux switch? Or should I just get used to having both stompboxes on at all times? IF so…what settings would you recommend?

      The mutes take me  out of the signal when I assign kill dry to both stompboxes daisychained together and looped to the parellel fx loop



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      Hi Kon,

      The idea behind Killdry is that when used in a parallel effects loop, you would not want to 'double' your dry signal upon bypass, which is what would happen if the Eventides did not mute. 

      However as you found out, there is a problem that happens when using more than one pedal in a parallel effects loop. When you try to bypass one pedal but not the other, mute prevents you from hearing the active one.

      The solution in this case is to turn Killdry OFF on the Eventides and resave your presets with Mix at 100% wet (TimeFactor) and Intensity at 100% (ModFactor.) 

      Then you should be able to bypass the pedals individually with no problem. When you want to bypass them both it will probably sound better to use the amp's effects loop on/off switch.


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      Yea it sounds like the right thing to do but I am using a Randall RM100 which does not have the loop on off switch. I put the TF in the parellel with the kill dry on and the mod is in the series loop with the killdry off.

      I was using the Mesa roadking  but the jacks are falling apart in the back like they have leprosey so I wont be able to try this setup with the RK…..which sucks because killdry is alot better sounding than the normal bypass in the parellel.

      Mesa boogies are too high maintenance anyhow IMO….I like the Randalls alot.

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      Would you recommend true bypass or dsp here at the 100% mix.


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