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      Hi, first post here. Not an Eventide owner yet, but I have one important question to ask before I become one.

      Are the left and right channels completely independent, or do they get "mixed" in the unit?

      The reason I'm asking is that I run a two amp setup and I have separate specific overdrives for each amp; obviously, these would sit before a ModFactor or TimeFactor, but if the *Factors mix the overdrives internally, that would ruin the use of the separate drives.



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      From reading the manual, the TimeFactor should work for your situation.  The way I understand it, there are separate left and right ins and outs.  The pedal is supposed to sense your ins/outs.  If you are using left and rights out, then you should get separate outs.  If you are only running one input (or even two inputs) with only a mono output, then the pedal would sum them at the output.  I hope this makes sense and I am not off the mark.  I would have thought somebody else would have chimed in on this by now.  I wanted to put my two cents in so you would at least have something to go on.  You should be able to access the manual on-line – check it out for yourself 😉

      Later – Mike

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      Hey Mike,

      Thanks for your answer. I have downloaded and read the manual for both the Mod & Time Factors and they do say they are "independent", but I've actually been burned with this in the past and had units that sum the inputs (even when both L&R inputs and outputs are used), so the overdrive that's meant to only go to my AC30 ends up in my Hiwatt too and the subtle distortion that's destined for my Hiwatt farts all over my Vox.

      Not what I'm after. I wonder if anyone can verify this for me? By running different sounds into the unit (doesn't have to be overdrive) and see if they come out in distinctly different channels at the output.

      That would be great if possible.

      Cheers, D

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      The Dry signals are kept separate, but depending on the effect, sometimes the Wet signal contains some of both the Left and Right Dry. These are 'true stereo" effects as opposed to "dual mono" effects.

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