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      Hi,  I am having difficulty keeping Patch changes from ‘causing’ H9 to go into Bypass mode. I used PC# command for Patch changes without Problems with previous firmware.

      I have Liquid Foot JR+ as Midi Controller,  I can use Midi CC# to Activate and Bypass OK, but when I change a Patch as well the H9 becomes Bypassed.

      I manually press the Bypass foot switch to light up, then make a patch change and it goes back to Bypass mode.

      Why is ‘Activate’ and ‘Bypass’ available to assign in both PC and CC in H9 Control?  – Any help & info would be helpful. – I’m trying to connect my third H9……..

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      Eventide Staff

      If you save a preset bypassed, it will load bypassed from MIDI. Could this be it ? Otherwise, it would suggest that you are sending more than you think.

      "Why is 'Activate' and 'Bypass' available to assign in both PC and CC" – some pedalboards can only send PC, whereas others can send CC, so we try and give a number of options.



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      Thank you your very fast reply.   In H9 Control, looking at Pedal General Settings – if I select Bypass ‘No’ it changes to ‘Yes when Patches are changed via midi. So I presume that you are correct – every Patch is saved to my H9’s as ‘Bypass’.   Could you please help by advising me how to change all Presets to default to ‘Active’?

      I can only seem to affect Bypass changes by manually pressing the foot switch.  I am rebooting H9’s and controller without USB or Bluetooth connections.

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      I also wanted to say THANK YOU!  for new Routing options and especially the Global Volume function. Keep it coming!

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      What I do with the LF Mini to change Patches is to send the PC and an IA command that is a CC for H9’s Active with a value of 127.


      I do this for every Patch change I do, even when I don’t need to re-send the IA to activate the H9 because I can change Patches in the H9 and this will remain active unless I send another IA command with the Bypass CC.


      I don’t know what Firmware version I have but I plugged my H9 to H9 Control yesterday and I didn’t see any update.

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