Latest update for H9 completely screwed my pedal

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      I had three sets worth of programing in it. Took days and days of work. Now my Boss ES8 calls completely random presets. And no midi PC messages pass through. So essentially screwed my entire pedal board. I play music because thats what I l0ve to do. NOT PROGRAM!! Maybe I can reprogram everything. Maybe. But I’ll never do another update. Most destructive thing ever . Honestly I’m so angry right now I want to throw the pedal under my truck tires. What BS.

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      Eventide Staff

      Let’s find the root of the problem.

      How did you update the pedal?

      Did you at any point conduct a factory reset?

      Do you have backups of your preset lists?

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      Never, never update w/out backing up!!

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      Okay, excuse my panic. The update changed the midi settings to omni and broadcast. Changed it back to channel 1 and thru and it is perfect. Having never seen what happens when you send midi PC messages into omni receiving it completely flummoxed me. It was totally random weirdness. Speaking of weird, why did it change the midi settings and nothing else? At least not that I can find.

Viewing 3 reply threads
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