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      I’ve checked to make sure  H9#1 (Channel 3) is set on [THRU] to pass MIDI on to H9#2 (Channel 4) but it doesn’t seem as if the command is being passed thru the [MIDI OUT] DIN connector. I’m using an RJM PBC/6X MIDI as the controller. If I connect H9#2 direct to the 6X it does sequence the presets just fine. As soon as I MIDI cable link H9#1 (MIDI OUT) to H9#2 (MIDI IN) the commands intended for H9#2 on Channel 4 don’t seem to pass, or perhaps H9#2 is rejecting them for some reason. I’ve done a bit of research here on the forum and read the manual but this specific issue doesn’t seem to be addressed (other setting MIDI to [Thru] on H9#1. Using H9 Control I don’t see any obvious setting on H9#2 that would cause the commands to be rejected. If it makes any difference the first H9 is a MAX the second an H9. The factory presets on my account show as shared or bundled between all three of my H9s.

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      Obviously, it should work. Various things to try:

      1) Different cables.

      2) Change the order of H9#1 and H9#2.

      3) Re-init and re-configure both units.


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        Nick first up, thanks. I swapped cables last night and reinit & refig’d a couple times. Before I did anything else this morning I swapped boxes with #2 getting the direct MIDI connx with the 6X and #1 getting MIDI IN from #2  using the same cable as I had last night. That works. So one could jump to the conclusion that H9#1’s MIDI OUT plug/circuit is wacko, but I want to wipe #1, reload its Preset List, and reconfig. Once I do that I’ll repost here… Keoki

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        Good ole wipe and reprogram. I swear I did this last night but “the box” must have been too tired to pay attention. Regardless the two H9’s are receiving their respective preset calls from the PBC/6X…now I get to add the 3rd H9 and about 4 other MIDI pedals, Fortunately some of these are Strymon and I can use a Strymon Conduit to make those TRS MIDI connections.


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      Too many thrus can be twiddly in the long run.

      If I were you I’d think about a thru box of some kind, given your setup is getting pretty great.

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