Level Meters on Eclipse are lower than actually are . Why ?

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      Hello to everyone ,

      My question is simple . I have connected Eclipse  on my RME 400 by using XLR analog ins  – jack balanced outs . The level im working on RME input / outs are + 4 dbu . On my virtual RME mixer the signals – levels are perfect BUT on the Eclipse Meters the level goes until -18 db +/- . 

      Why is that ? Am i doing something wrong ? I have mismatch between actual level meters and Eclipse Meters. 

      Any suggestions ?

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      Eventide Staff

      The meters on Eclipse show dB, not dBu. dB are a relative measurement, in this case relative to the unit's peak level, which is around 25dBu. So 0dB on the Eclipse is around 25dBu.

      One might wonder about this approach, but the engineers considered that a headroom measurement (meaning how far away you were from clipping) was more valuable than an arbitrary absolute measurement such as dBu. Maybe they were right, maybe not.

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      Nickrose , i am trying 3 days now to find the answer and i didnt even think of this possibility ! You made my day !! Thank you my friend !

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