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      Has anybody gotten a similar sound to the record with the pitchflex algorithm in the pitchfactor pedal?.


      Luis F.

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      It's just a Digitech Whammy ^OCT setting, and you pump the treadle with your pick attacks. Most are quick glides, with the occasional expressive slow glide to +1 Octave. You could replicate that sound with any number of PitchFactor algorithms.  There were some factory presets in the "20's" like this, as I recall.  The most obvious first choice would be PitchFlex, along with an expression pedal.

      I've overwritten nearly all of my PitchFactor factory presets, but this should get you started.  The Delay A, Delay B, and Speed / Scale settings are optional, but you can use them with the FLEX switch in Play mode (instead of an expression pedal).  Not quite as expressive for this song's solo, but close.  Tap the switch with your pick attacks, and mute the note just about when you release the switch.


      Mix = WET:100

      Pitch Mix = A10+B10

      Pitch A = A(H): UNISN

      Pitch B = B(H): UNISN

      Delay A = H(T): 0.25S

      Delay B = T(H): 0.05S

      (encoder) = PITCHFLX / TMP OFF

      Depth / Key = FLT:  0

      Speed / Scale = SHAP:  5

      Xnob = A(T): +1oct

      Ynob = B(T): +1oct

      Now just play like Tom Morello.

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      Ill try it this weekend. Thanks for the suggestion mate. Br, Luis.

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      I stumbled upon an auto-glide version that sounds similar to 'Like A Stone'.  Palm muting between notes is essential.  Sensitivity [Speed / Scale* knob] is a critical adjustment that depends on picking technique and PUP output.


      Mix = WET:100

      Pitch Mix = A10+B10

      Pitch A = A: UNISON

      Pitch B = B: UNISON

      Delay A = NO DELAY / 0 ms.

      Delay B = NO DELAY / 0 ms.

      (encoder) = HMODULATR/ TMP ON -or- OFF

      Depth / Key = DP: +1 oct

      Speed / Scale = SENS:  5-7*

      Xnob = ENVELPE

      Ynob = FBK:  0

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      Great, Thanks!!!!.

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