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      Hi. My first post to this forum, which by the way is fantastic. I have searched quite a bit and not found an answer to my question so I hope this is not redundant. If it is, I would appreciate being pointed in the direction of wisdom. Thanks in advance!

      So here’s my dilemma. I have a Source Audio Reflex pedal plugged into my H9 Max. Using an analogue connection from output jack 1 on the Reflex. What I’m trying to do is to limit the wet mix of a preset. This happens to be a digital delay and I want to vary the wet mix from about “10” minimum to about “30” maxed out. Managing this with a pedal that encompasses “0” to “100” requires more ankle control than I can muster. I’ve tried to frame the wet mix parameters on both the H9 (by setting the wet mix at “30” and saving the patch) and by programming the max toe amount on the Reflex (setting max travel to, say, 40 on a 128 scale and saving this setting.) These strategies work great until I power down – upon subsequent power up everything reverts to 100%. The Reflex “remembers” it’s limited throw, but now “40” on the Reflex correlates to “100” on the H9. I still have not accomplished the goal of limiting the max wet mix on the H9 when the Reflex is full toe. (As an aside, it appears, based upon my limited playing with this scenario, that the wet mix parameter of the H9 always reverts to a 100% “top limit” – if that’s true then I might need to create a dedicated patch with less depth at 100%, but I’d like to avoid that if I can get the pedals to play nice.)

      I hope this provides enough information to allow someone to assist. I’m sure what I’m trying to do is feasible, I just haven’t cracked the code yet.

      Many thanks again in advance.

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      You can set up either on the H9 or in H9 Control what parameters are mapped to the expression pedal and over what range.  So, I think you just need to map the Mix parameter to go from 10 – 30 on the expression pedal.

      Here's a tutorial video showing how to do that in H9 Control:

      It's also explained in the H9 Control manual under Settings / Help.  

      If you check out the H9 user manual, that explains how you can do this directly on the H9.

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      Thank you so much for your prompt reply – this was perfect and it worked flawlessly.  Much appreciated! 

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      A big tip for H9, Time, Mod or Pitch Factor: try plugging the expression pedal in before powering up your stompbox.

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