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      hi all, 

      The new line 6 looks Ok, can be used for re amping etc etc. It has got a midi controller thing going and Im pretty new to MIDI. If I get one I might not need to get a MIDI controller Im thinking. 

      Does anyone know if it can be used to control the H9? I ve read the manual but not skilled enough I reckon. 



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      Wow, I can’t believe you have not received any responses for this question. Yes, the Helix can control the H9, there are videos on youtube particularly this one: ; The issue is that the MIDI implementation is not all there yet. There are a few glaring holes like no time sync or the capability to assign more than one MIDI command to a footswitch. I am sure these issues will be addressed soon.

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      hello mister,

      Thanks for your reply! In the end I didnt buy a Helix just yet, its price is out of order. I reckon its got some hype attached to it. The price went up 400aud overnight in Australia. I ve got a Boss ES 5 coming as we speak, that ll do. I ll probably come back with some questions once I receive that. Im a MIDI virgin.

      Thanks againg for replying.


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