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      Hey all,

      Glad to finally have an H9 on my pedal board.  I have connected it to the Line 6 Helix via the FX Loop 1 and also connected Helix MIDI out to the H9 MIDI in.  I am getting very strange behavior when the MIDI cable is connected.  When I disconnect it, the behavior stops.

      When the MIDI is connected, the H9 output volume is incredibly low, but the input volume is good.  I have to set the Helix FX Loop Input and Output to +6Db and set the patch on the H9 output level to +20dB.  It is still very quiet.

      As soon as I disconnect the MIDI cable from the Helix the behavior completely stops and the output level on the H9 is right where it should be. I have to set the FX loop input and output levels back to 0 and set the H9 output level back to 0 otherwise to quote Huey Lewis…”It’s just too darn loud”.

      Any ideas what the heck is happening? 

      Thanks for the input!


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      Eventide Staff

      Unless you have some unknown to science ground loop, I would have to say it depends on what MIDI messages are being sent to the H9, which are beyond my knowledge or control. Sorry.



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      My bad, I was sending bank change with program change. Once I switched to a new MIDI channel and fixed that everything started working correctly.

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      Man…I was having the same issue. Thanks for having the same pain at the same time!

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