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      Hi all,

      I just recently bought a H9 MAX but am having some noise issues when running it through the effects loop of a Suhr Hedgehog.
      What I’ve noticed is that if I plug it into the front of the amp it’s pretty quiet and I get that green LED flash when I hit the guitar strings.
      When I have it in the effects loop the noise level increases and I don’t see the green LED flash.
      The weird part is that when I set the FX loop to “line level” the noise floor goes down and I get the green LED flash??
      From what I’ve read in these forums most people have had the exact opposite of my experience above.
      Any ideas? Could it be harmful to the H9?


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      Eventide Staff

      Sounds like there is something strange about your Hedgehog. You may wish to discuss it with his Maker.

      You are very unlikely to hurt the H9 by giving it strange signal levels – it's pretty well protected.


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      Thanks for the reply Nick!  Yes I have a ticket open with Suhr too on this, could just be an issue with a tube in the effects loop or something.


      Just so I’m clear though, I should be seeing the green LED flash when running the H9 through an instrument level loop right?




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