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      Is there any? Not a description of the sounds, but the actual settings? I accidently wiped out a couple I'd like to keep, so lease clue me in if there's documentation out there…..


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       I've done the same. 

       It's probably possible to do a MIDI dump of my presets I want to keep, do a complete reset, then reload my presets.  A pain, but doable.

      Being able to restore a single factory preset sounds like a good candidate for a feature request….  Yes

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      Yeah, a PIA! I'm not going thru that, lol……………..

      The Time Factor has that documentation (preset settings), just wondering if there's anything like that for the pitchfactor. And if there's not, maybe one of the Eventide guys wil read this? Hint, hint…………….

       But some kind of thingee that you could restore one preset at a time would be very cool indeed…..

Viewing 2 reply threads
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