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      I’ve got a problem with a FC300 and the time factor….

      Exemple :

      swtich 1 = no effect bypass

      switch 3 = effect on.


      Press switch 1 = ok 

      Press switch 3 = The effect is on. no problem

      Re press 1 = works fine !

      But when I reswitch to 3, the effect is on but there’s no sound, I have to pess the switch 3 again to have the sound.


      I think the problem is coming from the FC300 but i’m not sure….

      Any suggestion ??

      Thanx for your help !




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      Eventide Staff

      You probably want to talk to Mr.Roland if you have issues with your FC-300.

      That said, I took a brief look at his UM, and I note that the switches can be defined as either MOMENTARY or LATCH. The TF usually wants a MOMENTARY, but the FC-300 defaults to LATCH. This is probably your problem.


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