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      Finally set up a SoundCloud page for my more recent live solo dark-ambient improv performances on my show on; though this one I did as part of's all-day multi-artist Autumnal Equinox concert on September 24th, 2011. Being that everyone had no more than "only" 30 minutes to do their sets….this is a comparitively "short form" one for me. 😉

      This one – as do all of my live sets these days – makes very heavy use of both the Space and PitchFactor, which I find combined together are perfect for creating dark, eerie soundscapes.


      This was performed on my relatively new Schecter C8 ATX Blackjack 8-string guitar with active Seymour Duncan Blackouts pickups tuned to F# / B / E / A / D / G / B / E, and as always is mainly just processed/looped guitar played in real-time with no synths, MIDI pickups etc used, along with night-time field recordings made in my front yard. Also a little bit of vocoded guitar at the very beginning courtesy of the E/H Iron Lung.

      I also have some other live sets performed on either heavily processed 8-string guitar or Chapman Stick up on the page as well available for your downloading/listening pleasure as well, at:

      Enjoy! 🙂


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