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      I'm sure like many, I play in a gigging band and want to make sure my TimeFactor and ModFactor are working as simply and as quickly as possible.  I'm thinking that for quick changes between settings of leaving the right hand footswitch as bank-up and re-allocating the centre footswitch as bank-down and then having all my preferred presets as Bank 2/1, Bank 3/1, Bank 4/1 etc – so hit the up or down to get to the right bank and then kick the left hand switch to activate the new setting.  Is that a good way to go or is there a better way??

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      That's a unique approach.  If you're not implying the use of an auxiliary three-position switch device, you're going to need one (for "re-allocating the centre footswitch as bank-down").  As for a better way, my personal preference leans toward MIDI control whenever more than one stompbox is involved.

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