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      I just updated my PF to the 4.5 beta and had success with the update and it is talking to the HP Control App via my Window 7 PC. I love the look and functionality of the new app and realize that it will be buggy in the beginning. I love being able to edit my PF via my PC!!!

      Here's my questions. I backed up all of my presets before upgrading to 4.5. How can I load in the syx file that contains all of my user presets? I cannot find an "open" option in the new software.

      Thanks and keep tweaking the new app!

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      Assuming the procedure is the same as on the H9….

      in H9 control…. On the bottom tabs… Select "Settings" then select "Import Presets or Preset Lists" then follow the prompts.

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      Thanks. That did the trick. 

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