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      Hey all,

      I’m new here. I just bought and installed the H3000 Factory Plugin today, but the 2 patches I was looking for are not in the plugin options (or I just haven’t come across them).


      The two patches are:

      504- Buenos Notches

      519- Micro Pitch Shift

      Does anyone know if they are located within the plugin? Or in another plugin? Or not available? Or if someone had the settings that I could copy to recreate them I would be very appreciative.






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      Hello Stephen,


      I can help you out with one of those. 519 – Micro Pitch Shift exists as preset 231 – MICROPITCHSHIFT, which is the first preset listed under 12 – Pitch & Delay in the preset dropdown.

      Unfortunately 504 – Buenos Notches is not available in this plugin or other Eventide plugins, as not all of the H3000 algorithms are.



      – Collin

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