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      Hey Guys,

      since 3 years I look for "my" ultimate guitar sound. The guitarist Farin Urlaub from the German punkrockband "Die Ärzte" has an amazing Guitarsound. Especially the solo sounds.

      It's the same song three times from different live gigs, so you can feel what the FOH equipment "does" to the sound:


      His preamp for distortion sounds is a Marshall JMP-1, the clean sounds are done by a Line6 Pod Pro. In former times he used two Eventide H3000, now he's got two Eventide Eclipse. One for clean sounds and one for distortion sounds. I believe that solo sounds got reverb and some other effect(s) that are low in the mix.

      He also uses a Yamaha SPX-990 effects unit and everything is being amplified by a Marshall 9200 power amp. Cabinets are Marshall 1960AX with greenbacks.

      Could you tell me, how I can build such a great singing "round" and although fat distortion sound with Eventide products? I already have a JMP-1 preamp, 9200 power amp, DigiTech GSP-2101 multifx and even a Marshall Cabinet with greenbacks, but something's missing there.

      I want to get an expensive multifx this year, I thought about an Eclipse, but I just don't know, if I'll reach a similar singing guitar sound, or not. Hope you guys have any tips for me.

      Sorry for bad English 😉


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      My personal opinion is that it's just plain ridiculous to have any high quality Eventide for that purpose, because they are just wasted so big time, if used for making that kind of shitty sound. I really can't see why he would need any Eventide product especially for that disgusting clean sound.

      You don't need an Eventide H3000's or Eclipses for that. Big part of the tone comes from the guitar that he uses and rest comes from maybe just a very tiny bit of doubling or pitch shifting, which definitely doesn't have to be Eventide-quality here. There was not much reverb or anything else. Maybe the distortion had compression.

      If I tried to find that same sound I would get any cheap $70 multi-fx, which can be used to tweak the sound more synthetic-like.

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      Here are some demos which feature some of Eclipse's 'singing' guitar sounds-



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