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      The Decay Rate in Looper allows fading the saved layers while you dub the new material. Great.

      Unfortunately, there’s no possibility to leave the Loop Decay while in Playback mode. That would allow the loop to fade out naturally while you play.  If the Loop Decay worked without overdubbing, it could even be treated as a delay tails (with the delay off).

      And because there’s no software capability to let the loop decay without dubbing, I’m trying to figure out some kind of a hardware solution. Essentially, I could stay in Dub mode with Loop Decay, but simply _bypass_ the guitar signal within the pedal and send it down the line. Together with the fading loop, in parallel.

      Theres’ a solution for a stereo setup – place the (mono) Looper on Channel A, and when you want to decay the loop, just cut the guitar signal before the Looper with a simple On/Off switch, and leave the signal on Channel B. Eventually, both signals reach the speakers with Channel A playing just the decaying loop.

      But is there a way to do that on a mono setup? I cannot wrap head my around it.

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      Vaidas wrote:

      But is there a way to do that on a mono setup?

      Maybe there is but I can't think of one. You may try to use an expression pedal to map the mix parameter so you can control the playback fading manually…

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