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      You can control many aspects of a second H9 from the first one. But, the nearest you can get to what you ask is to load a program on the second one when you load one on the first. What you are asking for probably needs an upscale MIDI Pedalboard.

      Sorry, the looper will only hold one loop at a time.


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      Thanks.  That’s helpful.  Sometimes a clear “no” is better than “you can kind of do that.”

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      I understand it’s possible to control a 2nd H9 with a first one.  Can the first pedal be set (eg) to a delay, but send a preset change to the 2nd looper to load a looper with record on, then a second one to stop, then a third to play, etc., while the first remains set to the same delay?  Or would I have to do all that on the 2nd pedal?

      Also, is it possible to have multiple loops saved on a single pedal?  For instance, record the verse in preset 1, switch to preset 2 record the chorus, go back to verse and hit play for preset 1, then go back to chorus and hit play for preset 2?  Ultimately, I’d love to be able to switch looper presets on one while playing through the other for effects; and occasionally, switch both at once.

      Thank you.

Viewing 2 reply threads
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