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      Billy Foppiano

      Tried messing with the looper…. I have several, so I can "make " loops, believe me.

      Using new software..and 3 button Digi pedal for Record, stop, end loop.

      I was trying to reproduce my weirdness I got yesterday. I made a loop, no truncation, like yesterday.


      I did another. Ah, shaving a little…..it trims a little bit of the end.

      So ,you get some shaving of the last bit of your loop, AFTER ONE LOOP.

      Now here's the weird thing….

      Sometimes, it shaves it immediatly, right away…I can see I get to , say number 17, then the next passs, it shaves it at 16.

      Sometimes, it makes a good loop, then 5 loops of repitition, it shaves it…

      So it is undependable.Weirdness.

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