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      Since the 5.0.1[3] update, and using the FS300 aux switch as Rec, Play, Stop, I notice that [D:Punch] and [D:Repl-P] don't hold while the (aux) rec switch is pressed. I get maybe 5 or 10ms of record time before it kicks back to Play mode.

      The same functions work as expected when called from the switches on the 'motherbox'. I'm curious whether this is something that's crept into the code or if I've developed a hardware problem. Hopefully someone can confirm either way?

      The  aux switches work perfectly in the latch modes. Maybe something to do with an encoded switchbounce trap on the  Tip switch, just in the unlatched modes? And, yes, I have checked for multiple switch assignments.

      I'm otherwise loving this update –cooked up an Arduino midi control that selects fwd/rev, play loop/play once, and speeds 50% 100% and 200% on momentary switches. The 'loop windowing' function is just great –works exactly as it did in my dreams. 



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      Hey, we had someone else report another problem related to aux switches and the looper a few weeks ago. We'll look into it.  Thanks…

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