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      Bob Calver

      Just installed the plugin and when playing around with it I’m sure I had a preset called ‘Fake Leslie’ which sounded great on an organ track I have laid down but can’t find it again.

      Am I dreaming?  Could  I have deleted it?  Can I recreate it if someone could please look up the settings?  Or can I recover it?

      This is all new to me and I’m on a steep learning curve

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      Eventide Staff

      Hi – is this a preset you created? H910 Single/Dual doesn't come with a preset called 'Fake Leslie'.

      If it's one you created, and you saved it to the presets folder (C:Users<username>DocumentsEventideH910 HarmonizerSingle Presets on windows, ~/Music/Eventide/H910 Harmonizer/Single Presets on mac), then it should be visible in the preset menu. If you saved it outside that folder, you'd need to use the "LOAD" button to located it on disk and reload it.

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      Bob Calver

      i must be dreaming! thanks anyway

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