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      Hi all,

      I have just purchase Space and TimeFactor Stompboxes and i’m loving them but i have some weird behaviour from the TimeFactor.

      After a short amount of time ( Under 20 minutes) I start noticing a clicking sound coming from the actual pedal itself. It sounds a lot like when you cycle through the Bypass settings (The clicks that you get) but it seems louder and comes in waves where it will do it loads in the space of a few seconds and stop for about 30 seconds. I haven’t noticed the same from the Space pedal.


      My settings are Kill dry ON with bypass set to DSP+FX as i’m using with a mixer as sends and returns. 1 input and 2 outputs on each pedal are being used


      Everything seems fine through the speakers but the noise is really loud and irritating but i can deal with it if it’s normal behaviour.


      Any help would be greatly appreciated, thankyou

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      Eventide Staff

      It would be helpful ifnyou could tell us more about your clicking – does it vary with the preset, the mix level, bypass, etc.

      That said, if your unit is under warranty, I would suggest you send it in, with the information above – it should not do this.


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