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      I am searching for a resonant low-pass filter in the H90 and I found the Filter with sweepable cutoff in the Polysynth algorithm.

      It sounds just perfect, has a very good and controllable sweep spot via Expression pedal and is just perfectly tweakable with all its parameters.

      The problem is that the filter is assigned to the synth part only.


      Is there a workaround or a way to put this filter or an equivalent filter on the dry signal?

      (A fully funktional Filter modulation algorithm)


      The feature is there! It is just not assignable the way many of us would like to have it 😀

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      PolySynth is a magnificent synth implementation, one the best of its type I’ve tried.  That filter & envelope follower play a huge part in that.  I guess the ‘workaround’ for now might be putting PolySynth in a Parallel routing with another algo.  With maybe unison Triangle waveforms to help disguise the synthy part.

      I don’t know that any of the other algorithms present such a strong filter presence, and with that deep of a feature set. I can see the potential for that getting re-purposed in some future offering.

      But you can try out a few others in the meantime, geared more toward a clean auto-wah effect:


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