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      I'm working on a nice patch for my H8000fw, it's getting really big and there are too many tweakable H8000fw too fit on the little screen. So currently I'm building a GUI for it with Reaktor – the Eventide will be controlled by Reaktor via MIDI.
      It's pretty nice because it also allows me to randomize certain parameters and I can store the values of the parameters in my patch as presets on my computer.

      I was wondering if there were other people also building GUIs on their computer for their Eventide?

      I'd like to include some level meters in my GUI, the Eventide will have to send out certain values over MIDI and the computer has to display those – has anyone tried something like this?



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      MaxMSP should be good for this sort of thing too. I plan to experiment more with this in the coming months and perhaps upload some preset editors/randomizers available to the community.

      Unfortunately, Reaktor and MaxMSP are incompatible. However MaxMSP has the advantage that a user could download MaxMSP runtime for free and use any MaxMSP Eventide editors without having to purchase the host software  . . . .

       – Alexis 

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      Hi Alexis,

      MaxMSP had crossed my mind too, I used Reaktor because I currently program that one better, but I find it a bit restrictive.
      MaxMSP is something I want to learn in the near future and my next project will be programmed in it.
      Please post your experiments once you make something nice.

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