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      as I have had negative experience using the H9 control app (pairing is difficult especially when using more than one controlsurface, lag, touch interface being subjectively inferior to real knobs) I would like to build a controller for it.

      Now I am wondering whether every algorithm or maybe even every preset hat to be mapped individiually or if the standard cc numbers are always the same (e.g. parameter 1 cc no x, parameter 2 cc no y and so on)?

      I am using the unit in combination with an eurorack so I am not after certain presets but much more interrested in just flicking through algorithns and presets and just start dialing parameters once I like something.

      Mapping every single one would be a creativitykiller but if there were standard cc I could easily build a custom controller using a few pots, resistors, a mcu and a din socket

      Thanks for helping

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      I’m a MIDI newb compared to others here but since no one has chimed in I’ll offer this:

      In the Control app, look in >pedal settings>MIDI settings>assign MIDI CC messages and scroll down some.  You will see parameter 1 through parameter 10.  I think this operates on a global level and allows you to control these parameters through any MIDI CC messages you assign there.  So it should be simple to make a device with 10 knobs you can tweak as you try different algos and presets.  Other options, like increment and load, could also be added.

      In fact, a company called EVENMIDI used to make a MIDI device like this optimized for the H9.  I have also heard internet rumors that this can be done using any one of the Eventide Factor pedals.

      However, I have extensive experience using the control app and think you are better off working with that.  I have experienced the problems you mentioned.  They are real.  But I think working around them is best because you have to look at the control app to know what the 10 parameters are anyway.  Here are a few suggestions:

      Connect your H9 with a USB cable to avoid pairing and lag problems.

      Use a mouse to rotate virtual knobs etc.

      Note that clicking etc. the knobs is subtle ways access helpful features.  Don’t be like me an learn this by accident after months; read the manual.   Reread this bullet point 7 times.

      The top right hand corner of each individual algorithm screen has an “info” button.  There is often very valuable information about what each parameter does in each algo.  Sometimes they are so general as to be useless, but that is the exception.

      Good luck!


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      Thanks a lot for your answer.

      Connecting via USB could be the solution. Hope I can do this with my ipad as well as I want to take the H9 off the sends off my mixer and make it patchable from my Eurorack where an Ipad would be okish. I definitely give this a try if it doesnt work out I try to do the pots as well as the io including level matching on a diy module on stripboard and take it from there.

      Thanks for helping 🙂

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