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      Hey there!

      This may sound like a stupid/rookie question but as much a I love the Eventide Time Factor I have touble setting a satisfatory level/volume for it to work along with my other pedals.No matter what I do the volume/level of the Time Factor seems to be considerably lower than the rest of the FX. I should mention that the Time Factor runs through an RG16 and is then controlled by a Ground Control unit. The other FX are a T REX chorus and reverb. When used on its own or in combination with the other two pedals the Time Factor isn't loud enough; Is there a master volume setting/knob that I should activate? Should I change one of the global or utility settings of the pedal?

      I'd be grateful for a clear answer, please forgive me in advance if the question sounds too noobish D

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      New in Version 3 Software is

      Output Level Control

      TimeFactor now gives you the ability to individually adjust each Preset’s Output Level.

      In PLAY Mode, holding down the Left Footswitch for 2 seconds from
      Bypass state puts the unit into Active and also puts the unit into
      Preset O/P Level Adjust Mode. While the
      footswitch is pressed and
      held the display will show “OP 0dB” (default). While continuing to hold
      the footswitch down you can optionally turn the Encoder Knob to adjust
      Preset Output Level from –20dB to +6dB in 1dB increments. Preset must be
      saved to store this setting.e

      To adjust the Output Level in BANK Mode, press and hold the Left or Middle Footswitch while in Bypass.

      For info on updating software, visit this link.

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