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      Hey, just a quick question… 

      Is the max out program valid till 1st April EST?? Or the time that our iPad/computer is set to??

      i only ask this cos I'm traveling and only have 2 purchases left to complete my max out.. And I return on 1st April at 2:00 am India time but if the time limit is set to EST then I still have a few hours to upgrade!!

      Also.. Is there anyway I can purchase more algorithms from my computer/iPad without the H9 present?? Please please please help!!! I can't afford to buy another 10 algos.!!!!!!!

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      The time limit is set to EST.  It's not possible to purchase algorithms without your H9 present, but if you're afraid you might not be able to make your purchases by April 1st, you can just send a quick email to explaining your situation and if needs be, we'll help you out.

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