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      it seems I maxed out the number of remote controllers in a program.
      I used about 25 (maybe 32 – the last 7 don't seem to work right now), but I get a message "all remotes in use" when I try enter the remote menu. Will using Midi singles instead of doubles improve to number of available remotes? Is there anything else I can do to increase this amount? Do both processor have the same limit or do they share the total amount of remote controllers?

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      As recently stated by our engineers:

      "We don't have a number for CCs – depends on too many things – what the messages are, how busy the H8000 is, etc.

      If you send too many messages the H8000 will initially get sluggish, and then bog down to the point that some CC messages get lost."

      Basically, depending on the used anount of the different DSP resources, you may get a variable number of CCs.
      Actually you are on the "too much" edge!


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