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      Hi Everyone,

      The UG it says: 

      "When Slow mode is engaged the LFO’s will slow down by a predetermined factor simulating the speed change of a Leslie speaker cabinet"

      Does anyone know how this predetermined factor is determined? Does that relate in any way to the S-Mod knob and the Speed knob? Does this "Leslie speaker cabinet" effect apply equally to, say, Undulator as it does to Rotary?

      I'm trying a MIDI CC controller to control the BRAKE and am getting some rather unexpected results. It could be there is latency (a lag, delay) in the MIDI, or the MIDI controller is weird (I'll keep working on that today). For example, one result is that the SLOW setting slows down to the point that there is nothing coming through. My limited brain tells me this could be that the signal has become stuck in an LFO trench…

      All best!






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      Not to derail this thread but I have a slightly different question about brake.

      Is it possible to have the default brake mode as "slow" and when you step on the brake, it goes into "fast" mode?

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