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      Hi all

      just after programming a lot of new presets for Eclipse, I realized this cool preset can be easily made on the ModFactor. It's a very requested sound.

      Try this:

      -choose the Undulator FX

      -set parameters like this…

      intensity: 99 – type: feedback – depth: 0 – speed: 1/8t – shape: sine – xknob (feedback) 70 –

      d-mod: 0 – spd-mod: 0 – modspeed: 8.00xsPD – modshape: peak – brake: off – fast/slow: fast –

      tempo: on

      Now, besides getting the popular auto_swelling fx you get somethin' else only Eventide can add!

      IF you raise the XKNOB to max value, your swell will sustain f_o_r_e_v_e_r. If you patch an external pedal or MIDI CC to XKNOB, with min setting 70 (suggested default) and max setting 99, you'll be able to play w/swells decay length as you like, rocking the pedal.

      Now go make it!



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