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      I recently bought a Behringer FCB1010 floor board to control my midi capable pedals as I am sick of tap dancing. Some of my songs I play live have to use multiple patches from both units, and sometimes I need to bypass them. I have tried for two straight daysto do this, I can get the TF and MF to switch to whatever preset I want, using the "RCV MAP" section in midi to assign a CC to switch to the preset I want. I can't turn them off though, I have tried every value in both units and assigned the CC to off, but the preset is still active. I tried the learn function, and it recieves the CC.
      Here are my settings:
      Timefactor midi channel is 3
      Modfactor midi channel is 2
      Whammy midi channel is 1

      Both units are setup to enable Midi Thru output, took me a while to figure that out. I recent;y ran the Modfactor to the latest update, hoping it was a bug that was fixed.
      This is a crucial need for me as far as midi control is concerned. If there is another way to do this, please someone give me a tip. I've even tried making a blank preset, it worked on the MF, but I am having a hard time with the timefactor. Any help in this direction would be appreciated. I sent an email to tech support two days ago and have not recieved a response yet. If anyone has tips that would help until the tech support guys get back to me, I would REALLY appreciate it. Thanks!!!!!!!!!

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      Eventide Staff

       If you use the MIDI program change as you describe, it "loads" the preset, rather than just turning it on. As a result there is no concept of "turning it off."

       Probably what you want to do is to BYPASS the unit – this will connect its out put to its input, or mute the output, depending on the BYP TYP and KILLDRY settings. You can set up the RCV CTL to allow MIDI to bypass the unit via a continuous controller CC.

      But, not all pedals will send a suitable CC.

      You should be able to create a BYPASS preset on TF by turning the MIX knob all the way to fully "dry" – this will be much the same as DSP BYPASS. If you set KILLDRY to ON it will instead MUTE the output.

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      Thanks for the help Nickrose! I actually figured it out last night, I had the global mix mode turned on, and it kept me from creating a bypass preset. Now everything works. And with the new update, the added 20 presets makes wasting one on a bypass one so much easier.

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