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      I am a saxophone player who uses a radial voco loco to go into a timefactor among other pedals. I see there is a synth or guitar optimized setting, is it in the plans to ever have a microphone optimized setting? Or vocal or miced instrument setting?

      I currently have it set on guitar and it works well but sometimes the effect gets out of hand with volume and self oscillation. I have a volume pedal and limiter after the timefactor as a safety measure but just curious if this is being looked into.

      Thank you.

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      The source selects are mainly frequency related – they tune the filters and pitch shifters to the appropriate frequency range – they won't help with your issue. You should pick the setting that sounds most appropriate for what you are playing.

      If you are getting self-oscillation, it may be that you have preset feedback settings too high, or more likely your switcher connections are creating some kind of feedback loop. Misuse of PRE/POST can also do this.

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