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      Hi there, could you please let me know how the delay knobs are scaled in the Micropitch delay? For example, 12 o’clock= x ms, 3 o’clock = x ms, and so on? The manual says up to 3s delay but doesn’t show you how the scale works

      Please don’t tell me to “feel it out” or similar! I just want to find out the scale used 🙂 Thanks!

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      Eventide Staff

      Hello aewan86,

      The Delay knobs are tapered in such a way to make it easier to access lower delay times through a greater portion of the range. But to answer your question more directly, the following positions render these delay times:

      CCW = 0 ms
      9 o’clock = 55 ms
      12 o’clock = 300 ms
      3 o’clock = 1400 ms
      CW = 3000 ms

      Keep in mind, these times are for when MicroPitch Delay is set to “Time” tap mode. When set to “Tempo,” the delay knobs will access subdivisions spread along the range of the knobs and the tap time will be dependent on a predetermined BPM.

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      Thanks so much Joe that is just what I was looking for! 🙂

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