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      I love this pedal and loved the tutorial on youtube…really well done!

      Basically when I use this function and I move any one of the knobs nothing happens until the knob reaches the saved value and there are leds that help finding that position. Now, when  that position is reached the sound changes but it’s no longer clear where the exact spot was because the led turn off so if I move to another knob and then go back to the first one I can’t tell what the setting was instead I would like to have the led still telling me where it is until I decide to save the preset.This is also necessary because there are no notches or numbers just the pointer of the knob which points to a position where there’ s nothing to make a reference point. All other pedals of other brands behave this way: strymon blue sky, empress ecosystem etc, the led lights down or change color when a knob is turned and goes back to the saved status when is back to the saved position until a new preset is saved. Is there any hope this can be taken into consideration for a future firmware update. Thanks in advance.

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