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      Hi there. I know I can send program changes to select presets, but I'd also like to activate (or engage, perhaps?) a preset using that midi command. I've only been able to arm the preset for loading (called in the midi menu "activate." I then have to press the H9 left foot switch to actually activate/engage the preset. It's nice to have a preset waiting in the wings, so I don't want it to engage immediately–it's nice to have the preset number blinking and waiting, i.e., armed, but I would like to be able to use my midi controller to not just turn the previous effect on/off, but to send it the GO command. Am I doing something wrong? Thank you.

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      Not sure why this was done like this. But, it's changed for the next release, due shortly. It will then load the effect, not just set it up.

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      Great news! Thanks 🙂

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